Rail in Australia underpins the national economy

Australian rail continues to push the limits of efficiencies for business across the world. Recently a heavy investment in technological advancement and product development has ensured we continue to be a competitive player within the global market place.

DRASOL has been involved in the rail industry for many years successfully delivering reliable and safe rail services. With extensive experience across light and heavy rail, in both broad and narrow gauge formats in the live corridor, DRASOL is well placed to support our clients with their rail projects.

Our key services in rail comprise:

• Under-Track Crossings
• Signalling Pit and Pipe Infrastructure
• Stormwater Culverts
• Swale Drains and French Drains
• Erosion Control
• Station and Platform Demolition and Upgrades
• Tactile Installation
• Car Parks, Street Lighting, Pump Stations
• Multiple Road Level Crossings
• Formation, Stabilisation and Reinstatement work

To learn more contact the DRASOL team on 08 8376 9226 or by email admin@drasol.com.au