Our purpose is to be an innovative and solutions-based company dedicated to the core industries of solar, civil, rail and waste water treatment in Australia. We are experienced in both large-scale and small-scale projects, working under the umbrella of both external client systems and as a self-managed contractor.

At DRASOL, our Core Capabilities comprise:

1 – Technical experience. Strong capabilities in all aspects of solar, civil, rail and waste water treatment projects, in addition to materials handling and logistics management.

2 – Quality management system. In-house developed Quality Management System tailored to suit diverse projects, incorporating a full suite of supporting documentation to satisfy project inspection and certification requirements.

3 – Site-based teams. Site-based quality control teams operate alongside our trades and multi skilled operators, ensuring standards are maintained and remediation works are carried out promptly.

4 – Fleet of modern plant & equipment. Investment in modern plant and equipment to provide advanced tools that increase efficiency, eliminating potential project delays and job re-work.

5 – Extensive network of suppliers. Extensive network of suppliers and service providers to complement our in-house expertise.

6 – Industry best practice approach. Acknowledgement of current industry best-practice as the benchmark for our standards of service.

7 – Diversity in projects. DRASOL are experienced in large and small-scale projects, working both under the umbrella of client systems and as a self-managed contractor.

8 – Solar – NEXTracker system. DRASOL has invested extensively in procuring the specific Huck tooling and ancillary equipment necessary for installing the NEXTracker system specifically for Solar projects.

Our successful track record with Key Projects

Our capabilities are best demonstrated by our successful track record in assisting with the delivery of key projects across Australia since establishing in 1998.

Over the past two decades, DRASOL have developed into a solutions-based business with the capability and expertise to deliver detailed excavation, earthworks, drainage and in-ground services.

As a result of working with a range of Tier 1 Contractors on major projects, DRASOL has created business systems, honed the skills of our human resources and invested in plant and equipment to better offer the services that are required.

Being a subcontractor to a range of corporate joint ventures, consortia and both public and private partnerships has enabled DRASOL to evolve to exceed the high standards demanded in this realm.

With clients ranging from local and state government departments throughout Australia to local and national organisations, we have been exposed to the full range of legislative and corporate requirements and conduct our operations accordingly.

Our Capabilities by Key Industry

Our Projects by Key Industry