409 MW and 16,474 trackers successfully installed

With more than 409 MW and 16,474 trackers successfully installed across a diverse range of solar farm projects in Australia, DRASOL provide a winning value proposition. At DRASOL, we have extensive experience in the NEXTracker system and a healthy working relationship with the manufacturer, resulting in the ability to build a quality product in a short time frame.

DRASOL has invested extensively in procuring the specific Huck tooling and ancillary equipment necessary for installing the NEXTracker system:

  • Hydraulic installation tooling for Bobtail fixings and blind fasteners
  • Pneudraulic and battery-powered tools for installation of PV modules
  • Bespoke hydraulic cutting head for removal of installed fasteners
  • Extensive range of spare tools, attachments and consumablesAdditionally, we run a fleet of site-specific utility vehicles with coachwork modified to accommodate the tooling, spares, consumables and fixings. This configuration of independent core work crews offers flexibility of delivery and the adaptability to rapidly respond to client requests in a fluid site environment.

DRASOL has a multi-skilled workforce trained in all aspects of mechanical installation, which allows us the flexibility to follow variances in tight project construction programs, and enables us to provide staff coverage in the event of absenteeism, should the need arise.

We have developed safe systems of work based around modular work groups. This greatly increases productivity with consistently high standards of quality workmanship. On larger projects, rotation of work groups reduces fatigue and the negative effects of extended repetitive work.

A core component of our construction teams are from indigenous backgrounds or members of rural communities which DRASOL have trained extensively. We believe it is important to invest in the local communities, both financially and with skills-based knowledge, and our approach is aligned with the goals of the Australian Industry Participation Policy.