46Mw installed and counting for the Sunraysia Solar Farm

After a very short timeframe for pre-mobilisation activities, the DRASOL team arrived on site at Sunraysia Solar Farm ready for another NEXTracker system to be installed for DECMIL.

Sunraysia Solar Farm is a utility-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) farm near Balranald in southern New South Wales. With the support of a well-organised site client management team, our crews have so far completed 1,400 trackers equating to 46Mw in 8 weeks and we are looking to improve our productivity efficiency.

DRASOL can install your solar farm in challenging locations, unconstrained from issues with terrain grades, flooding concerns or east-west facing slopes with a suitable design.

Main image sourced from: https://www.sunraysiasolarfarm.com.au