Eaton Residence

The owners of this significant property overlooking Adelaide engaged DRASOL to install access tracks to facilitate construction of an extensive private residence after being advised that the works were not feasible.

DRASOL carried out rock stabilisation and employed geotechnical landscaping techniques to work with the client and the environment to provide solutions outside the realms of a standard approach to construction.

Works delivered included:

  • Gabion baskets and rock retaining structures
  • Driveways and pavement construction
  • Stormwater harvesting and management
  • Fire track access routes
  • Utility services installation

The successful delivery of this interesting project was the result of taking a holistic approach to meeting the client’s wishes and working with rather than against the underlying topography, whilst also accommodating applicable codes of practice and regulatory requirements.

LOCATIONAdelaide Hills, South Australia
SERVICESEarthworks, utility services, rock stabilisation
TIMELINE2012 – 2014