Woodlawn Solar Farm

The Woodlawn Solar Farm is a 2.4 MW facility located in Woodlawn, New South Wales. The clean power station consists of the NEXTracker single-axis tracking system. This 90 tracker installation was established to provide energy for the bio-waste reactor at the Veolia Woodlawn recycling facility.

DRASOL constructed the trackers and installed the modules on piles driven by others in challenging terrain, adapting our construction methodology to meet the specification and parameters of a high-slope design.

Our flexible delivery model combined with the speed and quality of install enabled the client to achieve a 40% compression in time- critical tasks, with DRASOL completing our package of works in the equivalent of a 2-week build programme.

SERVICESMechanical install above the pile (does not include piling work). Quality Assurance, Technical Support, Tooling, PV Modules and Materials Handling.
90 trackers installed and 7,200 Modules