Bungala Solar Farm

The Bungala Solar Farm Project is a solar power farm adjacent to Emeroo and Wami Kata near Port Augusta in South Australia. Stage One was connected to the grid in May 2018. The second and final stage was connected to the grid in early November 2018.

The completed project contributes 220 MW to the electricity grid from 275 MWdc generation and expects to produce 570 GWh per year. The DRASOL team installed the NEXTracker system with 9,342 trackers in total.

Key services included: the mechanical install above the pile, quality assurance, technical support and provision of custom tooling.

The project is in a culturally and environmentally sensitive location and was established with due consideration of local traditional heritage and the resident flora and fauna.

DRASOL sourced and engaged a significant proportion of our workforce from members of the local communities, investing heavily in the upskilling and training of these human resources.

Our engagement of these rural and indigenous community members promotes the positive effects of multiculturalism through the sector and is aligned with achieving the goals of the Australian Industry Participation Policy.

LOCATIONPort Augusta, SA
SERVICESMechanical install above the pile (does not include piling work). Quality Assurance, Technical Support and Tooling.
SYSTEMNEXTracker – 9,342 Trackers installed
TIMELINE2017 – 2018